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Searching Online For a "SEO Company Near Me?"

Simplified Marketing is Here To Help!

Drive quality leads to your website and increase sales with a strong SEO company by your side. With SEO (search engine optimization), it’s about strategically implementing your keywords throughout your website. These keywords are essentially your "money makers” and are the words people are using to find businesses like yours online!

At Simplified Marketing, we will not only put together a plan of action to get you where you need to be, we will also show you potential areas where you can grow and achieve new web traffic to help drive more sales! 


Whether you want to focus on local SEO, national or international, we can help your business.

SEO results from Simplified Marketing

In a few short months, we can help you start ranking for the keywords you want and on the first page of Google!

Our Results Speak for Themselves!

Screenshot at Feb 06 15-22-31.png

Check out this screenshot comparing the number of online visitors our client gained in 2022 compared to the previous year. Our client had been using a different SEO agency throughout 2021 but wasn't getting the results they wanted which is why they came to us in January 2022!

Simplified Marketing took over from there and optimized the website, therefore helping the business increase their organic traffic by 59% in one year! 

Driving Results With SEO For Businesses of All Sizes

At Simplified Marketing, we have worked with businesses of every size, from small startups to fortune 100 companies. As a full service online marketing company, we have a passion for driving quality website traffic. 

It's EASY to increase website traffic, but driving the RIGHT website traffic is the hard part!


At Simplified Marketing, we focus on driving the right traffic your way while also educating you on the important values we use to measure success aside from just getting clicks. We focus on driving conversions including calls, purchases, and completed web lead forms. At the end of the day, our goal is to help our clients increase revenue!


We're not just your average SEO agency, we're focused on increasing our clients' sales.

Keyword Strategy

How do you expect to show up for certain keywords if they don’t exist on your site? Through keyword research, we map out a plan of action to get you the right traffic to your site.

Website Structure

We provide routine site audits and perform the necessary optimization tactics to bring your site to outstanding health. This can include updating your meta titles, descriptions, fixing URLS and creating redirects.

Content Creation

Quality is king when it comes to content. While we can enhance your current website pages, we also work to create more content that can be better optimized and drive more quality leads.

Here are some areas we focus on to create a truly successful SEO campaign:

Crawling and Indexing

Not sure if your site is actually being found on search engines? Just because new content is produced doesn’t mean your site page will be crawled or indexed right away. There is a solution!


Not only do we perform on page SEO, we also perform link building strategies to help increase your domain authority while also building backlinks to your site. In other words, increasing backlinks helps your website become a trusted source for search engines.

Detailed Reporting

Provide detailed reporting of key metrics, position changes, website visibility, core web vitals, timeline of accomplishments during set period and more. We want to make sure our customers understand the true value of quality SEO services.

Looking for a Reliable SEO Company Near Me?

With a reliable SEO company by your side like Simplified Marketing, you'll find a full level of transparency from our team.


Our team implements smart driven SEO campaigns to help your website increase online visibility. With an effective SEO strategy, you should see the traffic volume increase for your organic website visitors and be able to verify these numbers for yourself on Google Analytics.

Simplified Marketing Follows the Latest SEO Updates 

Image by Stephen Phillips -

We aim to stay up to date on the latest trends in digital marketing and best SEO practices. Whether it's revising our processes due to Google’s core algorithm updates or identifying new search trends, we continue to keep our customers' content fresh, relevant and fully optimized. 

We believe it’s important to not only continue to expand our knowledge in SEO as it is ever changing, but to educate our customers by providing  a deep level of transparency in our work process. We understand SEO is technical, but it’s imperative that our customers understand how we achieve results. 

Common SEO Questions

How can a SEO company near me help drive traffic to my site?

Implementing a smart driven SEO campaign,  your website should start to increase online visibility. With an effective SEO strategy, you should see the traffic volume increase for your organic website visitors and be able to verify these numbers for yourself on Google Analytics. With a reliable SEO company, there needs to always be a level of transparency.

What’s the difference between SEO and PPC?

With PPC (pay per click), it's about paying for clicks and online traffic to visit your site. With a PPC marketing company running your campaigns, we can help you narrow your target so your ads show up when your customers are actively searching for products and services like yours. With these type of campaigns, it requires the right keyword strategy. With SEO, you are not directly paying search engines for your website to show up. Instead, this is a long term strategy consisting of implementing keywords throughout your website with the goal of showing up organically in hopes of ranking on the top for search engines.

Do I need to run PPC ads if I’m performing SEO?

PPC is a great digital marketing tool to take advantage of while you continue to improve your SEO organic rankings for the keywords you want. Here’s a great tip: pay attention to the keywords that are getting the most traction from your PPC campaigns, because these are the keywords you want to rank for organically. While PPC is a great tool to utilize and quickly bring in quality leads, it's important to also focus your efforts on the long term strategy with maintaining your SEO.

Simplified Marketing is in it for the Long Run

PPC ads are great for the short term strategy to get you traffic to your site quickly. With a well planned SEO campaign, your business can show up online organically for the keywords that you don’t have to pay for to appear. Once your business online starts appearing for search terms and keywords you once had to pay for is a victory in the digital marketing world.

Now SEO takes time, but with a careful strategy and commitment, you will see results. With SEO, it’s not a sprint, it’s a marathon to get quality website traffic. Whether you are need SEO for your service based business or product based, we can help! 

Contact us today for a FREE WEBSITE AUDIT.

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